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Can Foreigners Buy Bali SIM Cards / eSIMs in Indonesia?

Can Foreigners Buy Bali SIM Cards / eSIMs in Indonesia?

Yes, foreigners can buy both SIM cards and eSIMs in Bali, Indonesia. Staying connected while exploring this beautiful island has never been easier, thanks to accessible options for tourists.

Purchasing a Bali SIM Card or eSIM

Traditional SIM Cards: Upon arrival in Bali, you can purchase a SIM card at the airport, local shops, or convenience stores. Telkomsel is the leading provider, offering extensive coverage across the island. However, you will need to provide some documentation to purchase and activate your SIM card.

eSIMs: For a more convenient option, consider getting an eSIM. An eSIM allows you to activate a cellular plan without needing a physical SIM card. You can purchase and activate your eSIM before arriving in Bali, ensuring immediate connectivity upon landing. Websites like offer this service, making it easy to stay connected from the moment you arrive.

Required Documents

To purchase and activate a Bali SIM card or eSIM, you’ll need to provide certain documents:

  • Passport: Required for identification purposes.
  • IMEI Number: This is your device's unique identifier.

Why Choose Balisim?

Pre-Arrival Activation: With, you can purchase and activate your eSIM before you even leave for Bali. This means you can have seamless connectivity as soon as you land.

Special Discounts: offers special discounts and promotions, making it a cost-effective choice for travelers.

Ease of Use: The activation process is straightforward, ensuring you can stay connected without hassle.


Foreigners can easily purchase Bali SIM cards and eSIMs to stay connected during their visit. Whether you choose a traditional SIM card or opt for the convenience of an eSIM from, you can enjoy reliable connectivity throughout your trip. Remember to have your passport and IMEI number ready for a smooth activation process.

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