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Does an eSIM Use Your Phone Number?

Does an eSIM Use Your Phone Number?

Understanding eSIM and Phone Numbers

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, can indeed use your phone number, just like a traditional SIM card. When you activate an eSIM, it typically comes with its own phone number that you can use for calls and SMS.

eSIMs and Telkomsel

For example, Telkomsel eSIMs from include a phone number that you can use for normal phone calls and SMS. However, it's important to note that phone and SMS services are not included in the default eSIM package.

Adding Phone and SMS Services

To make calls or send texts, you'll need to add an additional package on top of your normal eSIM plan. You can easily top up and purchase these additional packages here.


While eSIMs can use your phone number for calls and SMS, be sure to check if these services are included in your plan. For Telkomsel eSIMs via Balisim, you can add the necessary packages to enjoy full phone and SMS functionality during your stay in Bali.

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